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Building Healthy, Compassionate & Responsible Communities

Palliative Care

Our Hospice Plett programme provides holistic palliative care and support to patients who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, in the comfort of their own home.

Plett Wellness Programme

In partnership with the Department of Health, the Plett Wellness Programme provides free health education, health screening and testing for chronic and preventable illnesses to the broader Bitou community, with the aim to promote health and prevent illness.

Visit our Charity Shop

We sell a wide range of goods, from furniture to kitchen items, at our Charity Shop. All proceeds support our work in the Bitou Community.

Hire Medical Equipment

We have a wide range of medical equipment available for rent to community members who are not registered patients of Hospice Plett.

About Hospice Plett

Hospice Plett aims to uplift the quality of life of the Bitou communities by promoting health and wellbeing for all and providing compassionate care for those living with life-limiting illness.

We are committed to filling a crucial role in the health and welfare service infrastructure of the region and ensuring all have access to quality care.




 You can volunteer your time or professional services at Hospice Plett and make a tangible difference in the lives of the Bitou community. An hour or 2 per week, assisting us at the charity shop, driving patients, supporting a bereaved family member, baking a cake for a child’s birthday, answering the phones…..We need you!



Thanks to generous donors, we’ve been able to serve thousands in the Bitou community over the past 16 years. Help us continue to build compassionate, healthy and responsible communities by donating today!



Host a dinner party, run a marathon, or pledge your birthday. These are just a few of the many ways you can help raise support for Hospice Plett. Start a fundraising campaign today via GivenGain!


The moment Hospice entered into our lives, the quality of our lives improved and we were able to find meaning in this journey.

ElizabethHusband passed away from pancreatic cancer

Sister Bernie helped me to talk with my children about my illness and that I am dying. She has helped my children with all of their questions and problems too.

PaulaPassed away from breast cancer

I have no family. You are the pillar I am leaning on. You are all of my support.

SarahPassed away due to HIV and TB