Promoting health

Promoting health & preventing illness in Bitou


In partnership with the Department of Health, the Plett Wellness Programme provides screening and testing for chronic and preventable illnesses to the broader Bitou community.

We provide all screening and testing for free, with the aim to promote health and prevent illness. Educating the community about healthy living and illness prevention strategies is also a key part of the Plett Wellness Programme, which is why we incorporate a one-to-one and group educational sessions on preventable illnesses as part of our services.

We also assist businesses with their staff wellness programmes, and provide our testing and screening services to businesses and their staff free of charge.

Patients who have a positive screening or test for any of the illnesses are referred to the relevant care system.


Diabetes & Hypertension Screening

Non-communicable diseases (NCD) form part of the quadruple burden of disease South Africa is faced with. Diabetes and hypertension, being NCD’s as well as being chronic diseases of lifestyle, are mostly preventable and easily managed illnesses. We offer community members screening for these illnesses to promote early detection and treatment. Education on healthy living forms an integral part of the screening service, promoting health for the entire community.

Cancer Screening

Most cancers are fully treatable if detected early. We offer screening of the 3 highest incidence cancers: breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer. We also provide education on self-breast-examination. Appointments can be made for breast examination and pap-smears.

TB Screening & HIV Testing

TB and HIV also forms part of the quadruple burden of disease in South Africa. The Department of Health have excellent programmes in place for treatment of these illnesses, but the challenges are preventing the spread of these illnesses, early detection, and adherence to treatment. We offer free and confidential screening and testing for HIV and TB along with education on prevention strategies and healthy living.

Medical Male Circumcision

Research has shown that circumcision reduces HIV transmission by 60%. Medical male circumcision is promoted by the programme and the wellness team assists the Department of Health’s Eden district team with bi-monthly outreaches.

Condom Distribution

Condom availability has also been proved to reduce HIV and other sexually transmittable illnesses. The wellness team distributes 18 000 condoms per month, ensuring accessibility for the entire Bitou community.

Nutritional Status Screening

We use the body mass index (BMI) as an indicator of health. A high BMI and chronic diseases of lifestyle like diabetes and hypertension are closely linked. Likewise, illnesses like TB, HIV and cancer often cause severe weight loss and a low BMI should be investigated further to detect the cause.

0-6 Years Health Screening

Mother and child mortality also forms part of the quadruple burden of disease in South Africa. Children are screened to ensure they have had all the required immunisations, that their weight falls within the normal limits, that they’ve had the Department of Health recommended doses of vitamin A and deworming, and their developmental milestones have been reached.

Family Planning Services

This service promotes mother and child health by allowing women to plan and space pregnancies. The wellness team offers this service especially for working women who cannot visit a clinic, pharmacy or doctor regularly by visiting the businesses in the Bitou area on a regular basis and by appointment.

Educational Talks

Health promotion and illness prevention through educational talks on a one-to-one basis as well as group talks, forms an integral part of the wellness programme.